Carrie B.

CTI Professional Co-Active Life Coach

Carrie provides services in personal growth, energy and space clearing, meditation and wellness using her intuition combined with her business and practical experience.


Life Coaching

Guiding people to live their most authentic life

Intuitive Work

Land/Home/Office Clearings


Calming and Grounding

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Coaching Testimonials

Since I have been seeing Carrie, it has brought me back to the person I am and want to be and I have let go of all the stuff that’s out there that tries to bring you down. I have also come to realize the importance of releasing emotions and replacing them with more positive thoughts. I believe Carrie has helped me tremendously. Thanks!

M. Alexander, Calgary

I believe that Carrie helped me easily and quickly remove unconscious thwarting to my progress in life. You are a delight!

Haiku Helen, Maui, Hawaii

Aloha O’hana, Mahalo Carrie, I hope you come again soon and share more about how easy it is to make our life’s more comfortable and enjoyable to be here!

Charlie Kirchner, OHana Connection, Maui, Hawaii)

A paralyzing fear and resistance to public speaking is a thing of the past for me after my sessions with Carrie.  You have qualities in you that you may not even believe you have.  Carrie can show you where they are and turn them outward with amazing results.  I approached the take of presenting to a large group with confidence and a calm demeanor that I’ve not experienced before! You will see obstacles, feelings, and situations with a fresh new outlook.  For me, it’s my new reaction in certain stressful situations that has changed, from dealing with conflict, to public speaking, to managing the different personalities around me.  I’ve experienced a positive shift in more ways than one.  Thanks Carrie for showing me what I just couldn’t see on my own!

Trina – Marketing Manager

Blog Posts

How do you find your Skip again?

How do you find your Skip again?

How do you find your Skip again? By skip I mean… that happy skipping along the road we used to do as children. We were just happy, never really questioning or judging why. Have you skipped lately? I have while feeling that internal Joy only loving...

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What is Being Authentic?

What is Being Authentic?

What is BE-ing Authentic? Is it being truthful… or real in the moment…. Living in the now..?? For each of us it may translate into something different but it has been my experience it really is all the same. When you are Being Authentic it just...

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What are you Focusing on?

What are you Focusing on?

Have you ever heard “What you focus on expands”? Have you ever noticed when you have a bad or off day it keeps steam rolling as your thoughts keep focusing on what is going wrong? On the other side, have you noticed when you have a good day it...

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