Carrie B.

CTI Professional Co-Active Life Coach

I have a diverse and varied background of over 12+ years working as a Co-Active Professional Life Coach along with working in Corporate world for 20+ years. My official training was with the Co-Active Training Institute, formerly the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) of California, over 10 years ago. However, have employed years of training in the Holistic Arts and alternative healing modalities and practices for myself and now share as a coach. I bring my natural intuitive empathic abilities to the table along with practical tools to assist my clients to move forward and experience ‘A-ha’s.

My knowledge gained in many workshops, seminars and retreats have influenced my being a well-rounded coach for my clients. Integrated learnings of wisdom teaching from Alan Cohen, Colette Baron-Reid, Marianne Williamson, Mike Dooley, and Lee Harris just to name a few. I humbly walk my talk, having my own daily practices.

I understand and know personally the challenges and stressors of work/play life balance while remaining authentically yourself. My curiosity along with passion drives me to consistently be a student, learning new and ancient ways to be of service to my clients.

My style is the blend of warmth, wisdom, caring, compassion, professionalism in a nonjudgmental place of trust with great understanding of what it feels like to experience a leap of change, to take chances, to follow your inner guidance system. I believe in the Science of deliberate creation. The accepting and owning your unique qualities and essence increases your value & esteem in your life. Being vulnerable in order to be courageous will build our resilience.

My Intention

My intention is simple: to continue my own work and to be of service to humanity.

I provide you with practical tools, challenging ideas, resources, and helpful information that will support you.

I am your advocate!, Challenging YOU, while supporting YOU in illuminating a new perspective for yourself. I have taken my practice to Hawaii, Australia and currently Canada wide.

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