Intuitive Work

Space Energy Clearing:

For Home/Office/Building and Lands

Carrie intuitively connects in to the essence ether for a conversation with that space’s energy. Carrie uses different styles of Reiki, Metaphysical/Quantum/Channeled energy to clear out the old creating a new fresh light, relaxed energy flow of receiving the space of abundance and joy.

Who Is This For?

For example, if you want to sell a home but for some reason it is not selling. The energy feels ‘off’, it may require the current owner residual energy to let go & allow it to be released to invite in new owners.

You have a space where you can just feel the heavy eerie stagnant energy, or it just feels unfriendly. It may be residual energy mist or cords from an argument, past event or past lives of people. This may need healing to transform the energy to become lighter, clear and inviting.

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Intuitive Testimonials

I hired Carrie to do a house clearing for our family home, which we had put up for sale. My husband and I had raised our three children in this beautiful old century home. It was a place chock-a-block full of family memories.

The children had fledged the nest; my husband and I were ready to move on as well. Even though the housing market had stalled, I expected that our house would sell quickly due to its downtown location in a trendy upscale neighborhood…. But no, weeks dragged on and our house- though there was lots of interest and two conditional sales – just didn’t sell.

Then Carrie came in with her intuition and her incredible skill and reading a home. She was thorough and professional in her work. She guided me through some excellent personal work around how to say a proper good bye to this special home and neighborhood. She gave me some practical suggestions about how to let go of the house and make it more welcoming to a new family. Within days of Carrie’s house clearing session , the house was sold to the perfect family. I highly recommend Carrie.

Caroline Wright

Carrie is a very talented and intuitive energy healer. I know Carrie to be a compassionate and supportive coach who is also very effective at home clearing.

After 10 months of trying (for the second time) to sell our house in Calgary, my husband and I asked Carrie to do an energy clearing in our home. She spent a few hours identifying and clearing out the old, heavy energy that had accumulated over the years in each room. I could feel the difference when I returned, it felt much lighter and airier – and sold within three weeks!

Recently, when we listed our house on Vancouver Island, I was thrilled that Carrie lived close enough to again be able to come and do a clearing for us. Carrie’s process and the outcome were the same: Although our realtor had cautioned us that the house might take quite a while to sell, we had a perfect offer in less than 6 weeks! We are building our new home now and I have invited Carrie to do a clearing of it before we move in.

Whether you are thinking of selling, moving into a new home or you simply want to bring more positive, supportive energy into your home, I highly recommend Carrie’s services.

Janet, Nanaimo BC


Client Space Clearings

Home $125.00/hr
Office Space $125.00/hr
Building $125.00/hr
Land $125.00/hr

On Site Work:

Locations more than a 30min drive from Victoria
will have an additional travel fee applied.
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