What are you Focusing on?

Have you ever heard “What you focus on expands”? Have you ever noticed when you have a bad or off day it keeps steam rolling as your thoughts keep focusing on what is going wrong? On the other side, have you noticed when you have a good day it steam rolls into an awesome week. You meet up with friends, you meet new in alignment people, you career/job feels easy or you get to enjoy time alone doing what you desire and you are in flow, you are enjoying the Now, your life! I encourage you to try a little experiment….Let’s say you want to buy a new (for you) car and you choose a blue color in your mind’s eye. Now, notice that day or week how your mind finds ALL the blue cars because that is what your subconscious intention has been focusing. Imagine if you could deliberately focus, deliberately intend something such as a new car… or new relationship… or new job… you get into that “feeling” place of having it. Let’s close our eyes…. Use your imagination – like a movie playing in your mind. You are in control of what you see… a lovely home where you are sitting on the porch looking out, or whatever you desire. Now remember to put YOU in the picture – movie playing. Breathe it in … feel that excitement or calm or whichever is your desired mood and feeling from the having this. Imagine what YOU could do IF you did this every morning upon waking or during your lunch time or whenever you have a moment. This technique is deliberately co-creating (intention) on what you do desire rather than what is in the past or not working in that moment that feels icky. YOU have the Power to Co-Create with the Universe… Have FUN with it.. go play with it and Let me know what YOU have created this week…

Sending Love,
Carrie Leigh

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