What is Being Authentic?

What is BE-ing Authentic? Is it being truthful… or real in the moment…. Living in the now..?? For each of us it may translate into something different but it has been my experience it really is all the same. When you are Being Authentic it just feels good, feels right and all is in flow with no resistance… you are on path –living in your jazz ‘a moraze… your awesome sauce. Even when didn’t see that pothole in front of your path, it may smack you in the face and you may wobble off center a bit but at the core of YOU lives that love, integrity, truth, value and self -respect when you love yourself, which for me means being authentic. Even the ugly, gross and embarrassing behaviour, you own it because you still have compassion for yourself and love you. I have personally learned these heart breaking lessons myself. I have been off course, in the fog, trying to please everyone to be ‘liked’ , to fit in..… ohh please like me because I didn’t much at the time. I wasn’t living my own truth because it scared the crap out of me. So I get it. I have learned resilience, daring greatly to be me all the way every day with practice. Just BEing Human!
What I know for sure it starts in YOU ☺! Your heart … The longest journey is from your head to your heart. Love you- respect you – be truthful with you as then so can everyone else.

From Neil Clark Warren’s “Characteristics of Authentic People” there are 10 traits present. How many do you have?
1. Authentic people live in the Present.
2. Authentic people are Free of Fear.
3. Authentic people are Not Judgmental.
4. Authentic people Genuinely Appreciate Themselves.
5. Authentic people Hunger for the Truth.
6. Authentic people are Adaptable and Flexible.
7. Authentic people have a strong sense of Gratitude.
8. Authentic people Love to Laugh and are Lighthearted.
9. Authentic people Exhibit a High Degree of Dignity.
10. Authentic people Sleep Well.

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